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Individual / Family / Relationship

"Please know that you have saved lives. And not in the simple way like a super hero. But in the complex and beautiful way like a healer. A super hero prevents death. A healer helps people find a life worth dying for. And even better, a life worth living into. Thanks"

A.A.~ Former client

I can comfortably and competently address these and many other issues with pre-teens, adolescents, young adults and adults: 

  • Daily life difficulties-low mood, feeling overwhelmed, eating and sleeping problems, etc.
  • Inability to stop thinking, feeling dread or feeling stuck or paralyzed
  • Not wanting to live
  • Other problems with mood or thinking
  • Concerns related to eating habits or feelings about the body
  • Concerns related to drugs and alcohol
  • Concerns related to sex
  • Sexual orientation (click for more )
  • Gender Identity/Expression (click for more )
  • Talking about experiences of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional)
  • Destructive behaviors directed inward or outward
  • Relationship problems
  • Impact of oppression/marginalization/bullying
  • Trouble reading social cues and/or difficulty with change


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