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From my own experience I know that looking for a therapist can leave a person feeling pretty vulnerable. It's important to learn about a potential therapist before investing the time, energy or money to consult with one. You may wish to know more about what it might be like to sit with me. I'm happy to respond in greater depth about my experience, theoretical perspective, training or anything else you would like to know before scheduling an appointment. If I'm not the right fit for some reason, I'd be glad to offer recommendations to other skilled therapists.

Professional Bio

My work history reflects my love for helping adolescents and families. I have been employed in a variety of settings and have gained a wide range of experience that I continually use as a resource in my work. These include street outreach (Streetworks), residential setting (The Bridge), drop in center (SafeZone and District 202), school based clinic (Health Start), and out-patient therapy (Face to Face and RECLAIM). 

In 2009, I founded and held the role of Executive Director and lead therapist at RECLAIM , a non-profit whose mission is to increase access to mental health support so that queer and transgender youth might reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Hamline University (1991)

                   Masters in Counseling Psychology from St. Mary's University (1997)

                   Masters in Social Work from University of Minnesota (2005)

Licensure: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (2007)

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Personal Bio

I was born and raised in the Midwest and was brought up in a middle class Methodist household. As an adult, I have spent a lot of time experiencing the benefits of meditation and use Buddhist principles of mindful presence, accepting things as they are, impermanence and interdependence to help me move through my own experiences of suffering and, when clients desire, as a support to my therapy practice.

I have been with my spouse for 18 years, and we share one sweet (and occasionally naughty) child and two sweet (and occasionally naughty) cats. I make terrible puns on occasion (apologies in advance), play ultimate frisbee and am a home body who treasures my travel experiences.

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